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The web site was down for over a month. My web host server crashed and they did not have a backup. They never contacted me, so it was a month before I discovered the problem. Needless to say I have a new web hosting service. I will be trying to put all of the information back. During this process you may find broken links and missing pictures. I will be working to get the site back up and going.

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I haven't been out looking for much lately. I did buy a pair of amber 9 1/4" candlesticks for $100 a couple of months ago. I just haven't got around to photographing them yet.

Moon & Star Book

Get George and Linda Breeze's book "Mysteries of the Moon and Star" second edition. 112 pages including more color pages, new pages of Adam's Palace, and the Weishar Collectable Line. Also, you will see photos of the L. G. Wright auction and a story about the L E Smith Glass Company. This is a must have book for any serious Moon and Star collector.

Last updated April 8, 2010

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