New Glass Alert
March 2004 - 6 3/4" Fairy Lamp: Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Blue Carnival, Jade, Jade Carnival, Lavender, Lavender Carnival. 12 1/2" Egg Plate: Apple Green, Apple Green Carnival, Apple Green Opalescent, Lavender, Lavender Carnival, Cobalt Blue Carnival, Colonial Blue, Red Carnival. Lavender Carnival: 12 1/4" Low-Footed Rolled Edge Cake Plate, 12" Banana Dish, 12 1/4" Low-Footed Cake Plate.

January 2004 - Royal Plum: 6 1/2" Banana Stand, 10" Open Compote, 6 1/2" Rolled Edge Pedestal Compote, Toothpick Holder, 6" Crimped Pedestal Compote, 6" Pedestal Cake Plate. Pink: 6 1/2" Rolled Edge Pedestal Compote.

December 2003 - Cobalt Blue Carnival: 6225 Courting Candle Lamp, (6250) 13" Egg Plate, 3 1/2" x 9" Shrimp Cocktail, 6 1/2" Banana Stand. 12 3/4" Lavender Crimped Serving Tray.

There are five new pieces availabe in amberina and amberina carnival. (Egg Plate, Fairy Lamp, 9 1/4 Cake Plate, 6 1/2" Banana Stand, 6 1/2" Pedestal Rose Bowl) -- 08/15/2003

It appears that L. E. Smith Glass Company is making many new pieces in Royal Plum (Dark Amethyst), Pink, Light Lavender, and Light Lavender Carnival. I will try to post more details. --06/22/2003

L. E. Smith Glass Company is again making the 6" round covered compote (Smith 5204) in colonial blue. The 10" scalloped edge compote (Smith 6211) is being produced in amethyst, I am not sure if it was available in the color before. -- 01/10/2003

New Items

The following list shows New Moon and Star items that are currently being sold.
Description Color Style MSRP Year
10" Scalloped Edge Open Compote Amethyst Smith 6211 36.00 2003
6 1/2" Pedestal Banana Dish Amethyst, Amberina, Amberina Carnival, Pink   36.00 2003
6 1/2" Pedestal Rose Bowl Amethyst, Amberina, Amberina Carnival, Pink Smith 4201 36.00 2003
6" Round Covered Compote Colonial Blue Smith 5204 35.00 2003
6" wide open pedistal compote Amethyst, Pink Smith 4201 33.00 2003
9 1/4" Cake Plate Amethyst, Amberina, Amberina Carnival, Pink Similar to Smith 4202 36.00 2003
9" Rolled Edge Cake Plate Amethyst, Pink Smith 4206 33.00 2003
Egg Plate Amberina, Amberina Carnival Smith 6250 42.00 2003
Fairy Lamp Amberina, Amberina Carnival Smith 6225 32.00 2003
Egg Plate Colonial Blue, Colonial Blue Carnival, Colonial Blue Satin, Light Green (Apple), Light Green (Apple) Carnival, Light Green Satin, Jadite, Pink Smith 6250 31.00 - 44.00 2002
Full Size Water Set Vaseline Wright 4456, 6 Smith 4222 150.00 2002
Full Size Water Set Vaseline Carnival Wright 4456, 6 Smith 4222 160.00 2002
Goblet Swung Vase Vaseline, Vaseline Carnival Weishar 30.00 2002
Miniature Water Set Jadite   33.00 2002
Sugar Shaker (2002 Show Piece) Cranberry Wright 44-54 30.00 2002
Tea Light Crystal Weishar 8.00 2002
Toothpick Holder Amethyst, Amethyst Carnival Smith 42.11 12.00 2002
2 pc Candle Lamp Amethyst, Amethyst Satin Smith 6227 27.00 2001
2 pc Fairy Lamp Amethyst Smith 6225 30.00 2001
Boat Shaped Relish Colonial Blue Wright 44-40 30.00 2001
Covered Sugar Jadite Wright 44-52 30.00 2001
Creamer and Sugar Set Delphite Wright 44-16, Wright 44-38 ???? 2001
Egg Plate Cobalt, Amethyst, Willow Blue Smith 6250 30.00 2001
Full Size Water Set Crown Tuscon, Delphite 1 Wright 4456, 6 Smith 4222 130.00 2001
Full Size Water Set Colonial Blue 1 Wright 4456, 6 Smith 4222 90.00 2001
Miniature Water Set Crown Tuscon, Delphite   33.00 2001
Miniature Water Set Crown Tuscon Carnival   35.00 2001
Oval Covered Butter Delphite Smith 6229 33.00 2001
Round Butter Delphite Wright 44-2 33.00 2001
Salt & Pepper Shaker Delphite Wright 44-31 30.00 2001
Soap Dish Jadite Wright 44-55 23.00 2001
Sugar Shaker Delphite Wright 44-54 27.00 2001

History of Moon & Star Glass

In 1874 Adams and Company introduce a new pattern of pressed glass named "Palace". Very early, the glass gained the name "Moon and Star", because of the round depression with a star-like design. All of the pieces produced were all of clear glass. Some of the pieces produced were compotes, goblets, relish dishes, saltshakers, spoon holders, sugar bowl, creamer, round butter dish, and more. Twisted handles were made separately and added to some of the pieces. The twisted handles can help distinguish the older pieces with the newer pieces. The pattern was very popular, but due to the weight, transporting it was difficult and impractical.

In the mid 1930s L. G. Wright noticed the renewed interest in pattern glass. He commissioned several factories to produce reproductions of some of the patterns. These included "Daisy and Button", "Rose and Snow", "Westward Ho", "Moon and Star", and others. The 1938 inventory list shows goblets and bowls available in "Moon and Star". He sold his glass to gift shops, department stores, and antique dealers. Brochures from the mid 1940s show Moon and Star items in blue opalescent and crystal. Items continued to be manufacture in the Moon and Star pattern up through the 1990s. Sadly, on May 27, 1999 the L. G. Wright Glass Company closed its doors.

The L. E. Smith Glass Company started reproducing pressed glass in the late 1940's. In the 1960's catalogs from Smith Glass show the "Moon and Star" glass in various colors. It is believed that pieces were made earlier than this. They are still producing some pieces today.

L. E. Smith Glass Company contracted with Joseph Weishar of the Island Mould Company to produce some new Moon and Star molds in 1962. The molds would remain the property of Island Mould Company and L. E. Smith would pay royalties for each piece produced.

In 1988, Weishar Enterprises produced miniature water sets in various colors. A collectable line was introduced in 1993. This line reproduced some of the earlier glass, but thankfully all of the pieces are marked with the Weishar signature. Weishar is still producing Moon and Star glass today. Many of the pieces are in colors that weren't available previously and all are marked.

There is also some new items being made in Jadite (green milk glass) and Delphite (blue milk glass). I do not believe items were available in these colors in earlier years.

I do not have a problem with reproductions, as long as they are easily identifiable. Reproductions can increase the interest in the older glass.

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